Hello~ Welcome to by blog and make yourself at home~

Not being happy is a waste of time and a symbol of defeat. My goal in life is to be happy regardless of any situation! I hope you enjoy following my journey! :) oh and my blog also looks better on a computer ;D

My name is Grace! I have a passion for running, drawing, and living a happy/healthy life!

My dream is to be able to run in the olympics one day and pursue my life as a doctor and manga artist!

This blog consists of a diary of what I do everyday, which is basically a place where I can dump my thoughts on things that happen, my drawings, and the things I make/photograph. I have a life tips series based on my experiences and I hope my advice will benefit you! I hope you enjoy!

I created this blog to remind myself about all the happy moments in life to motivate me to stay positive. It is also a place for me to reflect and learn from my mistakes so I can keep improving myself!! Also feel free to ask me for advice about anything and I will try my best to accommodate your needs!

Life will always have it's ups and downs. It can't always be up and it can't always be down. Whenever you experience a down, you can always expect that life now owes you an up.

.Failure is the best teacher and motivator. Failure helps you eliminate strategies that don't work. Failure pushes you to try harder the next time you are offered that opportunity. Failure results in improvement. Success can not exist without failure. Failure is a necessity for achieving your goals.

Running personal records! :D
3200m- 10:54
1600m- 5:08
800m- 2:32
I love running!! :DDD How I started running
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9.14.14 today’s sketch

» 9.20.14 Saturday~

Today I woke up at 5:30, drank tea, did blogilates, worked on college essays and finished the senior questionare on family connection for my rec letters from the school :D

Then I went to go run with Maryam in the hills~ we ran around 6.6 miles and my legs were feeling quite heavy today. I guess it’s just the end of the week and I am tired. I walked home, did math, and drew.

Our city was having a city wide garage sale weekend today so my mother, sister, and me decided to check that out. I think we went kind of late because there weren’t many sales left. We’ll try again tomorrow. :) we ended up going to goodwill, but I didn’t find anything worth buying. My sister found a bracelet that reminds me of DNA.

Then I ate lunch, studied ochem, did my laundry, drew, then went grocery shopping at ranch 99 and trader joes with my mother~

Then I got home, unloaded everything, showered, washed the dishes, and began my weekly mass cooking! I baked chicken, Alaskan cod, and ahi tuna. I steamed broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, dinosaur kale, rainbow chard, wood ear mushrooms, Vietnamese spinach, and lotus root. I microwaved beets, spaghetti squash, and pumpkin. I chopped bananas to freeze, and carrots and celery. Then I ate dinner, did math, and drew~

9.20.14 I saw this at goodwill today. It brings back memories of middle school before playfish closed down.


Rilakkuma latte

8.29.14 minccino ice cream

» 9.19.14 Friday~

Today I woke up at 5:30, drank tea, did blogilates, ate breakfast, then went to school~

In art, I worked on my wire eevee again. In math, we did more practice with trig derivatives. I stayed in math during tutorial and in lit we annotated an article about how pride is the greatest sin and also had a worksheet. In physics, we learned how to use microsoft excel to do calculations. I wonder if I can do the same thing on google docs because I use google drive for everything.

Then I did my math homework, went for a walk, finished my lit homework, did my math homework, drew, then went to practice. I ran 5.75 miles with Maryam at a comfortable 8:20 pace~ But I’m starting to feel something in my shins again ._.

then I walked home, showered, drew, ate dinner, finished my math homework, studied chem, got a deep tissue massage, soaked my legs in ginger, and drew again~

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8.23.14 raspberry Macarons

In your art class, do you mostly do sculptures or drawings?

How the class is structures is that we are given a few materials for each project (ex. Wire, construction paper, etc) and told to create anything we want :D

» 9.18.14 why do some slackers think they are so cool

Today I woke up at 12:50, went on my phone (that thing is dangerous at night when you’re supposed to sleep) and again at 5:30. I drank tea, did blogilates, ate breakfast, then went to school~

I was feeling tired the whole day today. I need to be more responsible in not letting my phone consume my sleep.

In art, I worked on my wire project. I’m making eevee out of wire :D, in lit, we presented our inferno projects. I made paper stars because I know that I will get bored if I just actively listen to presentations and I think that is less rude than drawing/working on homework. Then I did my lit homework, filled out part of the senior questionnaire on family connections, which I have to do eventually for my letters of rec.

Then I went for a walk, finished my lit homework, drew, then went to practice~

I didn’t know we had a track workout today and I wish I wore a thinner shirt because I felt like I was baking. We ran the 2 mile warm up loop, and ran 3x1200, 2x600, and one 400. A lot less people showed up today (since the coach is in Hawaii) so we ran in two groups- girls and guys. I ran in the guys group.

For my first 1200, I felt like everyone was going slow, so I got 4:39. Everyone else picked it up for the last two, so I ran 4:15 and 4:13. For the 600s, I ran 2:03 and 2:05, and 1:19 for the last 400. I wasn’t feeling the best today, but I felt like the workout went by pretty quickly. We also ran a half mile cool down.

I have no idea how many people from my school reads this but, there’s always this group of people on the team that always brag about how they don’t try hard during practice. I felt like their behaviors were quantified today. Every single interval, I would hear them bragging about their “slow” time and how they ran that because they weren’t trying. It bothers me when people don’t try, let alone brag about it. What’s the point of running or doing anything if you aren’t working towards a goal, or even bragging about that? Isn’t that just wasting time?

I don’t understand how slacking can be a good thing, deserving everyone’s attention. I mean if you don’t try, that’s not cool. If you don’t try and show everyone else that you think that’s a good thing, is even more not cool!! D:

Rilakkuma Mousse au Chocolat by yuehuan on Flickr.

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9.17.14 jellyfish riding~

» 9.17.14 Wednesday~

Today I woke up at 5:50 (I wanted to sleep a bit more since I was feeling a bit tired yesterday), drank tea, did blogilates, ate breakfast, watched math/physics videos, and finished my lit project. Then I went to school because it’s late start~

In math, we went over dervivatives with displacement/velocity/acceleration equations and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it :D we also did trig dervitives, which I think are super fun!!

In physics, we spent a long time going over a quiz because most people failed, but I got an A and already got the concept. Therefore I decided to draw since I would get bored if I paid attention. Then we went outside to launch projectiles (soccer balls/soft balls/etc) for a lab. I was a timer. Then we went over how to calculate the velocity of the trajectory traveling along various angles when we know the velocity in the x direction and the time.

Then I went for a walk, finished my math homework, drew, and went to practice~

I ran a total of 7 miles at a comfortable 8:30 pace. Our run was the 3 mile trail loop plus the half mile dirt trail laps at a middle school. I like this run because it’s mostly on a softer surface. But I wish I ran a little less because in starting to feel that same place in my right foot again from track season :/

For the rest of the week, practices will be under the management of an assistant coach because the coach is with part of the team in Hawaii. Our school team goes to Hawaii once every two years, and I went my sophomore year. Honesty, I think he brought way too many people. Because it is hard to manuver 25 people around, I felt like we didn’t do much in terms of how much money the trip was worth. I felt really guilty of spending my parents money because it wasn’t really going into productive usage. The race was my favorite part and my main motivation to go in the first place, but I felt like most people were not serious about it since we were in such a setting like Hawaii.

I’ve always found staying at the comfort of my own home more relaxing than traveling. I don’t appreciate the unpredictability in my days when I travel. Every time I think of my friends in Hawaii, I feel relaxed because I think of how stressed out I would be if I were traveling. I find that as I get older, I find the unknown/unpredictability more and more stressful. But That’s also something I need to work on.

I walked home, showered, drew, ate dinner, did math, washed the dishes, drew, and soaked my legs in ginger and got a massage from my lovely mother. :D