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Not being happy is a waste of time and a symbol of defeat. My goal in life is to be happy regardless of any situation! I hope you enjoy following my journey! :) oh and my blog also looks better on a computer ;D

My name is Grace! I have a passion for running, drawing, and living a happy/healthy life!

My dream is to be able to run in the olympics one day and pursue my life as a doctor and manga artist!

This blog consists of a diary of what I do everyday, which is basically a place where I can dump my thoughts on things that happen, my drawings, and the things I make/photograph. I have a life tips series based on my experiences and I hope my advice will benefit you! I hope you enjoy!

I created this blog to remind myself about all the happy moments in life to motivate me to stay positive. It is also a place for me to reflect and learn from my mistakes so I can keep improving myself!! Also feel free to ask me for advice about anything and I will try my best to accommodate your needs!

Life will always have it's ups and downs. It can't always be up and it can't always be down. Whenever you experience a down, you can always expect that life now owes you an up.

.Failure is the best teacher and motivator. Failure helps you eliminate strategies that don't work. Failure pushes you to try harder the next time you are offered that opportunity. Failure results in improvement. Success can not exist without failure. Failure is a necessity for achieving your goals.

Running personal records! :D
3200m- 10:54
1600m- 5:08
800m- 2:32
I love running!! :DDD How I started running
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Hey, what would you do if you had a running injury?

8.29.14 Umbreon and espeon~

I know this is late, but happy belated birthday Grace! :D

Thanks Eman!!

» 8.29.14 my hamstrings are not happy :(

Today I woke up at 5:30, drank tea, did blogilates, ate breakfast, then went to school.

In art, I worked on my own drawings again because the teacher was busy again and I didn’t want to stand in line. In math, we reviewed slopes equations of tangent lines. In lit, we got new vocab, read cantos 2-3 of the inferno, and did some questions based on the inferno. I’m enjoying it so far because I find it interesting.

We had a rally today. I went to one rally freshman year and never went back because I thought it was boring and an unproductive usage of my time. If you don’t go to rallies, then you are told to go to the cafeteria, so that’s where I went. I saw some of my friends so we just did homework together~ I finished my lit homework and studied for my math test next week.

In physics, we worked on some math problems and I studied for math when I finished. Then I continued to study for math and went for a walk. Then I studied for math again and drew.

I really wanted to run the time trial today in practice because I am curious how fast i can currently run. I felt my hamstrings all day whenever I walked. I ran the warm up and the pain stayed there so I decided to opt out of the time trial. I usually feel the most pain when I accelerate, so strides aren’t the most suitable.

I walked home, and went cycling on my stationary bike because I feel guilty for barely running today. About 15 mins in, I realized that by cycling, I am straining my hamstring tendons, so I stopped.

I didn’t pull my hamstring, but I have hamstring tendinitis because it’s an overuse injury with the pain on the left side of the back of my knee (the tendon, not the muscle). It hurts every time I get up to walk and it makes me sad. I have my first race next Saturday and I’ve been really looking forward to it.

I have to constantly remind myself that it’s still early in the season, and state championships in November is where it all matters. Therefore, right now is the time where I should focus on injury prevention, rather than training hard because none of the races are as important.

But what makes me sad is that I pretty much stayed injury free this whole summer and now when the season actually starts, it comes to bite me. What I have done a bit differently this summer is that I ran a slightly lower mileage, but at a faster pace. I also cycled almost every day. Maybe the cycling contributed to the buildup of the tendinitis in my hamstrings. I started feeling it 2-3 days ago, right after running strides.

Then I mopped the floor, showered, ate dinner, studied for ACT (grammar) and drew.

Rilakkuma Doughnuts <3

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8.28.14 pokemon trainer :)

» 8.28.14 I turn 17 today :o

Even though today is my birthday, it was pretty much like any ordinary day. I stopped asking my parents for birthday gifts since I feel like they already provide me with my daily necessities and I am satisfied with everything I have right now.

I woke up at 5:20, drank tea, did blogilates, ate breakfast, then went to school.

It was even block today. I worked on my own drawings in art because the line to get my design approved by the teacher in order to start on the project was simply too long again. Good thing he doesn’t have concrete deadlines for his class. In lit, we took a quiz on the inferno, watched a few videos about it, wrote a journal on the topic of sin, and started reading the inferno.

Then I worked on my calc homework, went for a walk, worked on calc again, then drew.

We have a 2 mile time trial today at practice, so today’s run consisted of jogging our school’s cross country course followed by a 3 mile run. So it was a total of 5 miles plus 4x100m strides.

My foot was feeling a lot better today, but I felt like I might have pulled my left hamstring a bit again after running strides. :( I was planning on testing out my new flats for tomorrow’s time trial, but I guess I’ll wait for another time because I don’t think it’s a good idea to since i feel slightly (knock on wood) injured. I might even end up jogging it depending on how my legs feel tomorrow.

I walked home, and this time walking wasn’t as painful as yesterday so I am happy :D

I showered, and then I checked schoolloop and saw that my math teacher had added an additional assignment! So I finished that. Then I ate dinner, studied for ACT (grammar) washed the dishes, and drew.

if today's your birthday then happy birthday! we have the same birthday too!

Thanks kelly! Happy birthday to you, too :)

Happy Birthday Grace!!

Thank you tony!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRACE!! I really love your blog.

Thank you Mark!!


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