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Not being happy is a waste of time and a symbol of defeat. My goal in life is to be happy regardless of any situation! I hope you enjoy following my journey! :) oh and my blog also looks better on a computer ;D

My name is Grace! I have a passion for running, drawing, and living a happy/healthy life!

My dream is to be able to run in the olympics one day and pursue my life as a doctor and manga artist!

This blog consists of a diary of what I do everyday, which is basically a place where I can dump my thoughts on things that happen, my drawings, and the things I make/photograph. I have a life tips series based on my experiences and I hope my advice will benefit you! I hope you enjoy!

I created this blog to remind myself about all the happy moments in life to motivate me to stay positive. It is also a place for me to reflect and learn from my mistakes so I can keep improving myself!! Also feel free to ask me for advice about anything and I will try my best to accommodate your needs!

Life will always have it's ups and downs. It can't always be up and it can't always be down. Whenever you experience a down, you can always expect that life now owes you an up.

.Failure is the best teacher and motivator. Failure helps you eliminate strategies that don't work. Failure pushes you to try harder the next time you are offered that opportunity. Failure results in improvement. Success can not exist without failure. Failure is a necessity for achieving your goals.

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9.1.14 today’s sketch

Hi! I just happened to stumble upon your blog and it's so freaky because I am currently experiencing the exact same injury! I have hamstring tendonitis on both legs with a muscle strain on the right one, and I've been battling with it for almost a month! Hopefully together we'll get through this for the end of the season! You're an inspiration and please keep me updated on what helps your injury! take care!

High five! We are hamstring injury buddies~ I feel like mine oscillates between right behind my knee on the inside and deep in the middle of the main hamstring muscle. what would you recommend for cross training to stay in shape? And I wish you well on your recovery as well!!

You are such a strong person, dont worry about it, there are plenty of races to come along and really what girl your age can do everything you do? Injuries will happen but you will still be the best! You are amazing so just draw and be patient! c:

Thank you so much for making my day and motivating me!

» 9.1.14 Labor Day~

My hamstring felt better when I woke up today! :D (knock on wood)

I woke up at 5:20, drank tea, did blogilates, studied for math, cleaned my room, then went to the YMCA.

I went on the elliptical and strider machine for a total of 90 mins while reading Fast Food Nation. It’s a really interesting book about how the fast food industry shapes almost every aspect of our life.

I got home, studied for math again, drew, ate lunch, studied chem, washed the dishes, then went to go see a Chinese doctor.

The Chinese doctor said that my hamstring injury stemmed from my previous shin injury. I was first asked to soak my feet in a tub of warm ginger. Then she had me lay down on a massage bed and looked for knots by poking at different areas of my back. When she got to my left/right outer calf, i felt a tight sensation as my facial expression scrunched up in pain. The huge knot I had there is probably the result of the over pronation of my feet while running (I tend to wear out the outer edges of my shoes first). She focused on that area and loosened the knot. My calves were sore for a few hours after that, but it feels like a good kind of sore :D next, she checked for more knots and found one on my back near my shoulders and loosened that one up. I need to correct my posture.

Today, we had the cleaning ladies come back to clean our house. Since I can’t do anything as they clean my house, I decided to go for a walk and it was so hot today. Then I went to the mall with my mother.

We first stopped by old navy, I didn’t see anything I like. Then we went to nordstrom rack and they were selling discounted nike stuff but nothing there really caught my eye. Then we went to Ross, and they barely had anything there. We stopped by sketchers, because my mother is very fond of their memory foam walking/work shoes. Then I went to target and I found this really awesome teal waterproof jacket for $24! Usually those cost over $50! Lastly, we stopped by the nike store but I didn’t get anything because I feel guilty since I feel like I bought a lot of clothing recently.

I got home, drew, ate dinner, studied for ACT (reading/grammar), and drew.


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» 8.31.14 injuries are inevitable.

I woke up at 5:30, drank tea, did blogilates, and then went to the gym.

When I woke up today, the pain in my hamstring didn’t get much better. I guess I’ll have to accept the fact that I have hamstring tendinitis and it’s not going to go away once I take a hiatus from running.

Life will always have ups and downs and it can’t always be going either direction. Both my junior year cross country and track seasons were perfect; I improved my mile by nearly 30 seconds and 2 mile by nearly a minute, while staying injury free the whole time.

So I guess now it’s time for life to balance out by throwing me a down by equipping me with a physical injury with an extremely motivated mentality to train hard and shatter more records.

During down points in life, I will try to be patient, and move forward because it only gets better. At first, I was really upset by the fact that I might have to miss my first race. I’m really proud of myself for convincing my brain that its okay. I’ll run the same course again throughout the season if I get better. I like track better anyways.

I’m really lucky to have this happen in the beginning where mine if the races are relatively important. Imagine pulling a hamstring the day before states.

Even though running is a huge part of my life, it is not the only part of it. I am good at many other things besides running. I refuse to become depressed as I did sophomore year when I was injured. I will now see my injury as more time to dedicate to my drawing and other hobbies. Or maybe since ACTs are coming up and life just really wants me to put more time into studying since I was kinda late starting on that.

Therefore Not being able to run is totally acceptable. Injuries don’t deserve to negatively impact my life.

All I know is that I did my best to stay away from injury at all times and there was nothing I was able to do to stop this one. I did my best and that’s all that matters to me. Now all I have to do is to be patient so I can experience the joys of running again.

I refuse to let my injury strip me of my happiness and quality of life

I usually read when I’m on the elliptical. today I read Fast Food Nation and couldn’t put it down for 90 mins.

I got home, studied for math, showered, drew, ate lunch, studied chem, washed the dishes, drew again, and then walked to walgreens with my mother.

I was looking for hamstring compression sleeves. They didn’t have any, so I called sports authority to see if they had any. Sports authority puts you on hold for the longest time. They ended up having kinesiology tape (for muscle tears) and compression shorts (for injury prevention). I asked them which they recommended for hamstring tendinitis, and they recommended any sort of compression for early injuries. Walgreens had knee compression and I found some that fit my hamstring, so I got those. I also got a few packs of gum since they were on sale. I love gum.

I got home, ate dinner, studied for ACT (grammar+reading) and drew.

8.30.14 a stalk of Brussels sprouts from trader joes!

8.21.14 egg custard

» 8.30.14 my hamstrings are still unhappy :(

When I woke up, my hamstrings didn’t feel better from yesterday and it was pretty much in the same state of pain for the whole day.

I woke up at 5:30, drank tea, did blogilates, studied for ACT (grammar/science) and went to the YMCA.

I swam for 50 mins and ellipticalled for 40 mins. I felt my hamstring when I swam breath stroke, so I did freestyle the whole time. After going on the elliptical, my hamstring felt better (maybe increased blood flow?) but it went back to bad several hours later.

When I got home, I studied for calc, drew, ate lunch, studied chem, sewed, then went grocery shopping with my mother~

We went to ranch 99 and trader joes. At one point, When I slightly picked up my pace to catch up with my mother, I felt my hamstring again and it makes me feel very concerned. Im trying not to be disappointed if this turns into a prolonged injury. I should be fortunate for this to happen early in the season.

I put everything away when we got home, then I baked chicken, Alaskan cod, and mahi mahi. I steamed broccoli, Brussels sprouts, chard, bok Choy, lotus root, green beans, and wood ear mushrooms. I microwaved beets, and spaghetti squash. I also chopped up some bananas to freeze.

Then I ate dinner and studied for ACT (science)