Hello~ Welcome to by blog and make yourself at home~

My goal in life is to be happy regardless of any situation! I hope you enjoy following my journey! :)

I'm 16 and I have a passion for running, drawing, and living a healthy lifestyle!

My dream is to be able to run in the olympics one day and to be a manga artist as well! But if that doesn't all work out, then I'll probably do something bio related

I had this account for a while but I was never active on it.

After looking at other tumblrs, I was inspired to start using my own again. I think the whole concept about blogging about everyday life sounds really fun! I really want to look back one day and see how my life was like back then!

This is what I am going to start doing today, to document everything I do in my daily life, including my honest opinions on certain situations. In addition to that, I will also be posting my artwork and reblogging some of the posts that I really like or find helpful! Take a look at the links on the left~

Running personal records :D
3200m- 11:13
1600m- 5:16
800m (ran it twice)- 2:32
Cross Country:
Woodward Park (5k, ran it twice): 18:57
Crystal Springs: 18:30
Mt. Sac (ran it once): 18:37
I love running!! :DDD
Artblog/Life :D (click here for links)

Plants! 🌱💕